Ethanol Precpitation – DNased RNA BB01 (from earlier today)

Due to residual gDNA contamination, will EtOH precipitate in order to treat with DNase again. Add 0.5 vols 3M NaAOc (pH=

5.2), 2.5 vols 100% EtOH, mixed and incubated @ -20C for 30mins. Pelleted RNA @ 16,000g, 4C 30mins. Washed RNA with 1mL 70% EtOH (2x due to fear of residual salts from DNase Buffer). Pelleted RNA @ 16,000g, 4C, 15mins. Resuspended RNA in 45uL nuclease-free H2O. Sample was stored @ -80C (in “Sam’s RNA Box #1) until it could be DNased again.

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