NanoDrop1000 Comparison – Roberts vs. Young Lab

A previous comparison was performed (see 20110209), but it was determined that the standard DNA being used to test the machines was old/degraded. Lisa ordered a new standard DNA dilutions series (Quant-iT dsDNA Kit; Invitrogen) and these DNAs were used. All DNAs were measured 5 times and were mixed by gently flicking between each measurement. A “blank” was measured between each different [DNA] and, if the reading was > + or – 1ng/uL, the machine was reblanked.


Quick assessment is that Graham’s NanoDrop1000 is more accurate than ours.

Here is a spreadsheet with averages, standard deviations and experimental error (%). Below are the raw measurements from both machines.

Roberts Lab ND100:

Young Lab ND1000:

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