RNA Isolation – Dave’s Manila Clam (Venerupis philippinarum) Gill Samples (#25-48)

Isolated RNA from Manila Clam gill samples provided by Dave, according to protocol. Samples were resuspended in 0.1%-DEPC H2O and spec’d on the Roberts Lab NanoDrop1000. Samples were stored @ -80C in Dave’s box that the tissue was initially stored in.


All samples look great with excellent yields and great 260/280 values. Will proceed with DNasing. (Note: Sample #42 appears twice because the first reading had an air bubble and, as such, should be discarded.)


DNased RNA using Ambion’s Turbo DNA-free Kit following the “routine” protocol. 5ug of total RNA from each sample was treated in 50uL reactions. Samples will be spec’d on Monday with the Roberts Lab NanoDrop 1000.


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