Library Prep – Quantification of C.gigas larvae OA 1000ppm library

The completed BS Illumina library made on Friday (1000ppm) was quantified via fluorescence using the Quant-iT DNA BR Kit (Life Technologies/Invitrogen).  Also quantified Jake’s libraries. Used 1μL of  each sample and the standards.  All standards were run in duplicate.  Due to limited sample, the libraries were only processed singularly, without replication.  Fluorescence was measured on a FLx800 plate reader (BioTek), using the Gen5 (BioTek) software for all calculations.



The good news is that the standard curve looked fine, with an R²=0.998.

The bad news is that there’s no detectable DNA in the sample, just like last time.

Possibly something is totally shot with this sample?  Will quantify the sheared DNA and decide what to do.

I quantified the sheared DNA and there’s nothing there! Where did it go? I just don’t get it. It was sheared, speed-vac’d and resuspended.  All the DNA should still be in the tubes…

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