DNA Isolations – Oly Fidalgo 2SN Ctenidia

Isolated DNA from 24 2SN ctenidia samples from Friday’s sampling (#32 – 55). Samples were thawed at RT.

DNA was isolated using the E.Z.N.A. Mollusc Kit (Omega BioTek) according to the manufacturer’s protocol with the following changes:

  • Samples were incubated @ 60C for only 1hr, per Steven’s recommendation (an attempt to prevent degradation)
  • No optional steps were performed
  • Used 300μL of MBL Buffer for all samples (this was more than the recovered volume of aqueous phase from each sample)
  • Single elution of 50μL

Samples were stored @ -20C in: Oly gDNA Oly Reciprocal Transplant Final Sampling Box #1.

Some notes:

  • Total time (including 1hr incubation): 4.5hrs.
  • Short incubation time did not completely digest samples
  • Partial tissue digestions led to difficulties in recovering entire aqueous phase, post chloroform treatment


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