Agarose Gel – Oly gDNA for BS-seq Libraries

Ran 1μL of each sample from yesterday’s DNA isolation on a 0.8% agarose, low-TAE gel, stained with ethidium bromide.





Since I didn’t load equal quantities of DNA, the intensities across the various samples is highly variable.

Those samples with high degree of smearing are also those with the highest concentrations. Thus, one would expect to be able to visualize a greater range of DNA sizes in a gel (because more DNA is present). Notice the samples with nice, high molecular weight bands and little smearing (1NF16, 1NF17). These are less than half the concentrations of all the samples that exhibit extensive smearing (2NF3, 2NF8, 1NF12). So, I think all samples will be fine for proceeding with bisulfite conversion and subsequent library construction.

However, I should re-run this gel using equalized DNA quantities for all samples…


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