qPCR – Re-run Jake’s O.lurida DNased RNA Samples NC1, SC1, SC2, SC4 from 20150514

The following DNased RNA samples showed inconsistencies between qPCR reps (one rep showed amplification, the other rep did not) on 20150514:

  • NC1
  • SC1
  • SC2
  • SC4

Reran these four samples to obtain a definitive answer as to whether or not they have residual gDNA in them prior to using them to make cDNA.

Used Oly_Actin primers (SR IDs: 1504, 1505)

Used 1μL from all templates.

All samples were run in duplicate.

Positive control was HL1 O.lurida DNA isolated by Jake on 20150323.

Cycling params:

  • 95C – 2.5mins
  • 40 cycles of:
    • 95C – 10s
    • 60C – 20s
  • Melt curve

Master mix calcs: 20150521_qPCR_Oly_DNased_RNA

Plate layout: 20150521_qPCR_plate_Jake_Oly_DNased_RNA


qPCR Data File (Opticon): Sam_20150521_145749.tad
qPCR Report (Google Sheet): 20150521_qPCR_Report_Jake_Oly_DNased_RNA


No amplification in any of the RNA samples, nor the NTCs. Will make cDNA.


Amplification Plots



Melt Curves

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