RNA Isolation – O.lurida Ctenidia 1hr Post-Mechanical Stress

Isolated RNA from Jake’s Ostrea lurida ctenidia samples that had been subjected to mechanical stress (from 20150422).

Despite the indication in this notebook, the samples had not been previously homogenized in RNAzol RT. I thawed the samples, homogenized them and followed the RNAzol RT protocol for total RNA isolation. Here’s the list of samples:

  • 42215 NM1 1
  • 42215 NM1 2
  • 42215 NM1 3
  • 42215 NM1 4
  • 42215 NM1 5
  • 42215 NM1 6
  • 42215 NM1 7
  • 42215 NM1 8

RNA was resuspended in 50μL of 0.1%DEPC-H2O and stored @ -80C in the original box they came from.

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