Agarose Gel – Geoduck & Olympia Oyster gDNA Integrity Check

Ran 0.8% agarose 1x modified TAE gel stained with EtBr to assess the integrity of geoduck gDNA and Olympia oyster gDNA isolated yesterday.

Ran ~500ng of each sample:

Geoduck adductor muscle 1: 4.4μL

Geoduck adductor muscle 2: 20μL (355ng)

Geoduck foot 1: 20μL

Geoduckk foot 2: 6.9μL

Oly adductor muscle: 5.5μL

Oly mantle: 3.05μL






The gel is loaded in the order listed above (going left to right on the gel).

All samples look really good with prominent high molecular weight bands and little smearing.

Current total approximate yields from all extractions from both species are as follows:

Geoduck: 49.8μg

Olympia oyster: 54.1μg

Still need ~25μg of each species to have sufficient quantities for sequencing.

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