DNA Isolation – Olympia Oyster Outer Mantle gDNA

Since we still don’t have sufficient gDNA for the full scope of the Olympia oyster genome sequencing, I isolated more gDNA.

Isolated gDNA from 118mg outer mantle tissue collected by Steven & Brent on 20150812.

Tissue was thoroughly minced with a clean razor blade and then processed with the E.Z.N.A. Mollusc Kit (Omega BioTek) with the following changes:

  • Doubled solution volumes for steps before sample was loaded on columns
  • Sample was split equally in two tubes prior to addition of 100% EtOH
  • All mixing was done by shaking – no vortexing! Done this way to, hopefully, maintain gDNA integrity
  • Elution volume = 50μL
  • Elution was repeated using the initial elution to maximize recovery while maintaining low sample volume.
  • The two preps were pooled – final volume = 79μL

DNA was quantified using two methods: NanoDrop1000 & QuantIT dsDNA BR Kit

For the Quant-IT kit, the samples were quantified using the QuantIT dsDNA BR Kit (Invitrogen) according to the manufacturer’s protocol.

Standards were run in triplicate, samples were run in duplicate.

96-well black (opaque) plate was used.

Fluorescence was measured on the Seeb Lab’s Victor 1420 plate reader (Perkin Elmer).


NanoDrop1000 552.53 79 43,650
Quant-IT 219.07 79 17,307


The NanoDrop1000 overestimates the concentration of the sample by 2.5x!

Regardless, this is a solid yield and, when combined with the other Ostrea lurida gDNA that I cleaned up today, should push the total amount of gDNA submitted to BGI over the required threshold.

Will evaluate gDNA quality on a gel.

Fluorescence (Google Sheet): 20151124_geoduck_oly_gDNA_quants


NanoDrop1000 Measurements and Plots


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