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Reverse Transcription – Ronit’s C.gigas DNased ctenidia RNA

Proceeded with reverse transcription of Ronit’s DNased ctenidia RNA (from 20181016).

Reverse transcription was performed using 100ng of each sample with M-MMLV Reverse Transcriptase from Promega.

Briefly, 100ng of DNased RNA was combined with oligo dT primers and brought up to a final volume of 15uL. Tubes were incubated for 5mins at 70oC in a PTC-200 thermal cycler (MJ Research), using a heated lid. Samples were immediately placed on ice.

A master mix of buffer, dNTPs, water, and M-MMLV reverse transcriptase was made, 10uL of the master mix was added to each sample, and mixed via finger flicking. Samples were incubated for 1hr at 42oC in a PTC-200 thermal cycler (MJ Research), using a heated lid, followed by a 5min incubation at 65oC.

Samples were stored on ice for use later this afternoon by Ronit.

Samples will be stored in Ronit’s -20oC box.

Reverse transcription calcs (Google Sheet):

Reverse Transcription – O.lurida DNased RNA Controls and 1hr Heat Shock

Performed reverse transcription on the Olympia oyster DNased RNA from the control samples and the 1hr heat shock samples of Jake’s project. To accommodate the large numbers of anticipated genes to be targeted in subsequent qPCRs, I prepared 100μL reactions (normally, 25μL reactions are prepared) using 250ng of each DNased RNA. A 1:10 dilution of the oligo dT primers (Promega) was prepared to improve pipetting accuracy. All incubations were performed in a thermal cycler without using a heated lid.

DNased RNA was combined with NanoPure H2O and oligo dT primers in 48 wells of a PCR plate, heated @ 70C for 10mins and immediately placed on ice. After 5mins, the plate was spun 2000g @ RT for 2mins and returned to ice.

25.25μL of a master mix containing 5x M-MLV Buffer (Promega), dNTPs (10mM each; Promega), and M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase (50U/rxn; Promega) was distributed to each well and mixed via pipetting. The plate was heated @ 42C for 1hr, 95C for 3mins. The plate was spun 2000g @ RT for 2mins and then stored @ -20C.

Plate layout and all calculations can be found here (Google Sheet): 20150616_Jake_Oly_cDNA_Calcs

Reverse Transcription – Subset of Jake’s O.lurida DNased RNA

Currently don’t have sufficient reagents to perform reverse transcription on the entire set of DNased RNA (control and 1hr.heat-shocked O.lurida ctenidia samples). To enable Jake to start testing out some of his primers while we wait for reagents to come in, Steven suggested I generate some cDNA for him to use.

Used the following DNased RNA:

  • HC1
  • NC1
  • SC1
  • HT1 1
  • NT1 1
  • ST1 1

Reverse Transcription Calcs: 20150522_Jake_Oly_cDNA_Calcs


  • Reactions run in 0.5mL snap cap tubes
  • 250ng of DNased RNA used in each reaction
  • Combined DNased RNA with oligo dT primers and water; incubated 70C 5mins; immediately placed on ice
  • Added 6.75μL of buffer/dNTP/enzyme master mix to each sample; incubated 42C for 1hr; 95C for 3mins

Samples will be given to Jake and stored @ -20C.

Reverse Transcription – FISH441 RNA

Reverse transcribed the class FISH441 RNA to cDNA. Followed protocol provided on the FISH441 Wiki page, NOT the usual Roberts Lab protocol, with some modifications.

Changed total reaction volume to 50uL to accommodate volume of RNA, as well as low concentration of dNTPs that were to be used.

RNA – 17.75uL

Oligo dT – 1.0uL

Samples were heated at 70C for 5mins and placed immediately on ice.

Reaction buffer master mix calcs:

5x MMLV Buffer – 10uL/rxn X 88 = 880uL

2.5mM dNTPs – 10uL/rxn X 88 = 880uL

M-MLV – 1uL/rxn X 88 = 88uL

H2O – 9.25uL x 88 = 902uL

Added 31.25uL of the reaction buffer master mix to each well of RNA/Oligo dT. Reaction was run at 42C for 1hr, followed by 70C for 3mins. Samples were stored @ -20C in Rm. 209.

Reverse Transcription – DNased C.gigas Larval RNA from 20120427

Performed reverse transcription using random primers (Promega) diluted 1:100 (5ng/uL) with 175ng of DNased total RNA. Random primers were used because we will be targeting V.tubiashii RNA instead of eukaryotic RNA. Reverse transcription was performed with M-MLV Reverse Transcriptase (Promega) according to the manufacturer’s protocol. Calcs are here.


Created dilutions of all samples to 100ng/uL in a volume of 50uL in preparation for qPCR analysis. Calcs are here.

Reverse Transcription – Dave’s Manila Clam (Venerupis philippinarum) DNased RNA from 20120307 and 20120302

Performed reverse transcription on 1.5ug of DNased RNA in a 75uL reaction, using oligo dT primers. All reagents were scaled appropriately (based on Promega’s M-MLV RT protocol). Samples were prepared in a plate and stored @ -20C. Plate layout and all reverse transcription calcs are here:

Reverse Transcription – Hard Clam Gill DNased RNA (from 20110509)

Performed reverse transcription on DNased RNA from the hard clam vibrio tubiashii challenge experiment (see Dave’s Notebook 5/2/2011), following the Promega M-MLV RT protocol with ~1ug of DNAsed RNA. Master mix calcs are here. Reactions were done in a plate. cDNA was diluted 1:4 with H2O.

Reverse Transcription – C.gigas BB/DH DNased RNA (from 20090507) for PROPS

Performed RT on DNased RNA using Promega MMLV RT and Oligo dT according to manufacturer’s protocol, using 1ug of DNased RNA, but in a 50uL reaction. Due to large number of samples, cDNA was made in PCR plate. Plate layout and calcs are here.

Reverse Transcription – C.gigas DNased RNA (from 20110131) from V.vulnificus Exposure & Tissues (from 20110111)

Performed RT on DNased RNA using Promega MMLV RT and Oligo dT according to manufacturer’s protocol, using 1ug of DNased RNA. Due to large number of samples, cDNA was made in PCR plate. Plate layout and calcs are here. cDNA was diluted 4-fold (to 100uL total volume) based on qPCR done by Emma on 20110202.